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Australia Has Nowhere to Put Its Shipment of French Nuclear Waste
The bill has come due on Australia’s nuclear waste and nobody knows where to store it.

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Located on the southern tip of Hawaii’s Big Island, Papakōlea Beach is more commonly referred to as Green Sand Beach. And for good reason. The sand here is made of tiny olivine crystals from the surrounding lava rocks that are trapped in the 49,000-year-old Pu’u Mahana cinder cone by the waters of Mahana Bay. One of only two green sand beaches in the World, the other being in Galapagos Islands.

Recliner being consumed by a wasp nest. Wayne’s Bee’s is a honey and honey bee removal company in Florida. A couple years ago, the proprietor was summoned to an old house in the coastal town of Hobe Sound. The new owners had discovered a massive yellow jacket wasp nest inside. It had covered an easy chair.

A green tree frog perched on a large tree python.
Photo credit: Fahmi Bhs/Solent News